Ellen Eichelser

The New England Solar Goddess

Helping Homeowners and Businesses Go Solar



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I am an experienced Solar Energy Consultant and work dilligently to save my customers money on their power while providing clean and renewable energy. I love what I do and I'm driven to help change the world one rooftop at a time while preserving our environment for future generations. I feel that everyone should own their energy in order to stop being a victim of monopolistic power corporations where you have no control over cost, uptime, or future increases. I look forward to helping you take control of your electricity.


Flexible Options

We offer many install options to meet your needs. Roof or ground mount; flat, rubber, or high pitched roof; other complex requirements. Our strength is our ability to adapt to what our customer wants and needs.


Roofing Program

A bad roof should not stop anyone from looking into solar. Often we are able to include a re-roof into the solar deal. This can save you considerable money on the roof work and materials due to partnerships we have developed.


Tree Removal

Many areas in Mass and NH have A LOT of trees. This is also an easily overcome obstacle. Our designers can advise on the optimal tree removal to maximize the production of your solar system. It all starts with a design to see if we can.


There is absolutely NO COST to evaluate your solar options. This is a simple step process, but with many points that your home can be disqualified. It is our responsibility to do our best to see that you can get installed, but we do not charge for this at all.

Many factors influence how well-suited a home is for solar, including where it is, the angle of your roof, how much shade it gets throughout the day, and how old your home is. A skilled energy consultant can help you determine if your home is a good fit for solar by analyzing these factors and working with you to design a system that is optimal for your home’s conditions.

Electricity usage varies from home to home and throughout the year. Analyzing your electricity usage allows the Energy Consultant to design a custom solar system that is optimized for your home. With seasonal changes, the amount of electricity required also changes, especially if the home has air conditioners, electric heat, kids home from college, etc. Therefore the Energy Consultant will look at 12-months of usage to get a clear picture of the yearly consumption for the home.